Body Camera Video Shows An Aurora Police Officer Following A Denver Health Paramedic Westbound On I-70 For 17 Minutes To Denver Health.

Legal Entertainment This is due to the United States Supreme Court’s expansive interpretation of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court has uniformly upheld press protections, especially against public figures, and there is no greater public figure than the President of the United States. An example of press freedoms is found in the seminal case of New York Times Co. v. United States, 403 U.S. 713 (1971), in which the United States Supreme Court ruled that The New York Times could publish “top secret” confidential government documents related to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, known as the Pentagon Papers, that were actually stolen from a research institute. Because The New York Times’ liability (which is nonexistent) is based on negligent supervision of its employees, if Trump cannot demonstrate that Barstow, Craig, and Buettner committed any wrongdoing, The New York Times will not be held liable. Trump presents his argument against Barstow, Craig, and Buettner in the context of a contractual breach. As the journalists were not signatories to the confidentiality agreement, Trump is proceeding under the theory of “tortious interference with contract,” which is first premised on a contract’s validity. In Lama Holding Co. v. Smith Barney Inc., 88 N.Y.2d 413, 424 (Court of Appeals, 1996), the frequently cited case on what constitutes tortious interference with a contract under New York law, the court ruled that a plaintiff must show, “the existence of a valid contract between the plaintiff and a third party, defendant's knowledge of that contract, defendant's intentional procurement of the third-party's breach of the contract without justification, actual breach of the contract, and damages resulting therefrom.” For The First Time In History, A Female K-Pop Act Charts The No. 1 Bestselling Rap Song In America There is a good chance that the journalists were not aware of the confidentiality agreement and there is a chance that such agreement is not even enforceable for a number of reasons. But the key argument for the journalists is the freedom of the press under the First Amendment of the Constitution and that their actions were in the furthering of the public interest—a recognized justification for interfering with contract under New York law. It is easily argued that the journalists’ purpose in convincing Mary Trump to disclose the tax records was to expose potential unethical or unlawful conduct by the President of the United States. One cannot think of a more justifiable action than exposing corruption at the highest levels of power. FILE - This Sept. 23, 2020, file photo shows President Donald Trump speaking during a news ... [+] conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, in Washington. Donald Trump's niece followed up her best-selling, tell-all book with a lawsuit Thursday, Sept, 24, 2020, alleging that the president and two of his siblings cheated her out of millions of dollars over several decades while squeezing her out of the family business. While Trump attempts to intimidate through legal action, he is actually unwittingly opening himself up to broad-ranging discovery into his personal and financial affairs that could expose even more wrongdoings by him, his family, and his businesses. For example, to defend against the claims that he experienced damages, The New York Times and Mary Trump will certainly request copies of his financial records and additional past tax returns, which is something Trump has used every means possible to prevent from being disclosed in the past. [Cars]

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stacie gilmore denver city council president Denver7 Investigates has reviewed body camera video from the Aurora Police Department that appears to show emergency crews questioning why a seriously injured person was transported more than 14 miles to Denver Health instead of driven to UCHealth, a level-one trauma center 4 miles away. The car crash happened at about 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 28, 2020, near the intersection of Interstate 70 and I-225 on the Denver and Aurora border. Body camera video shows an Aurora police officer following a Denver Health Paramedic westbound on I-70 for 17 minutes to Denver Health. The ambulance was driving Code-10, which means lights and sirens are on and the vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed. It’s the highest-priority call. Minutes before, body camera video shows emergency responders asking questions about the destination hospital for the injured car crash victim. “Where are they taking him?” said the unidentified emergency responder. A second person on scene responded that the victim was headed to Denver Health “University is closer,” Gilmore said. “Why would we be doing that?” The president of Denver City Council is demanding answers from Denver Health after a Denver7 investigation raised questions about the culture inside the hospital’s paramedics division. Gilmore reviewed the body camera video obtained by Denver7 Investigates and said from her observation, emergency crews were clearly questioning the decision and the objective of the decision to bypass UCHealth, the closest emergency room, and take the crash victim to Denver Health. “They don’t agree with it,” said Gilmore of some of the personnel in the video. “It seemed odd that they were going to go to a different facility when there was one so close.” It’s yet another example of what some paramedics say is a culture where they are pressured by managers to bring critically injured patients to Denver Health and bypass other level-one trauma centers. Earlier this year, Denver7 Investigates uncovered documents and heard testimonials from more than a half-dozen current and former paramedics questioning that culture. Sources told love it Denver7 Investigates about a gunshot wound victim in Green Valley Ranch who walked into an urgent care center, and there, a doctor determined his injuries required treatment at a qualified emergency room. The closest emergency department was UCHealth, but Denver Health paramedics elected to drive the victim across town to Denver Health. Denver City Council president demanding answers over Denver Health paramedics' culture Denver7 Investigates also obtained records, through the state’s open records law, showing UCHealth had sent emails to Denver Health questioning more than a dozen other decisions by Denver Health paramedics to bypass their level-one trauma center for a longer drive to Denver Health. “If I transport the patient to Denver Health, no matter what the outcome is, I won’t get second guessed by the medical director,” said a former paramedic who had more than a decade of experience at Denver Health and spoke to Denver7 Investigates.

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Yet the demand was closer to six times that number. “Even if we created 75,000 tomorrow instead of 10 years, we’d fall catastrophically short between bridging the gap between supply and demand.” His answer is a classic triangulation between big-government interventionism and small-government common sense. He wants to greatly increase the Section 8 federal voucher program, turning it into a new federal entitlement — “housing vouchers for all,” he calls it — that would ensure that no American family would need to pay more than 30 percent of its income in rent. Doing so “would instantaneously make millions of units affordable for the lowest-income households.” But he also understands the need to streamline the public-review process to increase the supply of housing stock. “One of the great ironies of our time is that some of the most progressive cities are among the most systemically racist in their housing policies,” he says, mentioning San Francisco’s policies of single-family zoning and other land-use practices that are the way in which liberals discriminate today. Torres is also particularly alarmed by the phenomenon that the Russian American evolutionary anthropologist Peter Turchin calls “elite overproduction.” “We produce far more college graduates than there are elite positions for those graduates to occupy,” Torres observes. When those graduates find themselves deep in debt, shut out of the kinds of jobs they were promised and crushed by the cost of housing, “it is bound to have a radicalizing effect.” It’s a strong argument for more vocational schools. It’s also an F.D.R.-esque call to save capitalism from itself, lest the people Torres calls “the New Jacobins” gain further grip. Speaking of F.D.R., there will be a New York governor’s race next year. Torres would be a formidable primary opponent to the new governor, Kathy Hochul. she said As perhaps the most singular political talent of his generation, he is one progressive who could, at last, do more to unite the nation than to further divide it.